ShopFully is the last mile media, the first source of geolocalized information on promotions, new products, shops, opening times and contacts of the main retailers and brands in all shopping categories, from grocery and drugstores to discount, clothing, electronics, office supplies, sporting goods, hardware and home and many others.

90% of the audience ShopFully addresses is made up of shopping ‘decision makers’ who are not easy to reach on other digital platforms.

ShopFully provides them with the information they need in order to plan their shopping and leads them to their local stores.

By engaging consumers in the ‘last mile’, while they are in the process of planning their shoppingShopFully has a strong impact on drive to store (88% of users effectively go on to purchase offline after having seeking sought information online) and on the consumers’ choice of retailer’s (66% choose a different retailer after having consulted Shopfully consultation).; In addition, ShopFully significantly influences the ‘intention to buy’, impacting it up to 25% (source: Nielsen 2013-2014).

The services offered by ShopFully can be accessed both online at www.shopfully.com through the website as well as through the free app developed for all major mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows8, Amazon and BlackBerry.